FindASchool School Review Guidelines

Focus on school quality

The review content should be focused on your observation of the school in terms of school facilities, teacher quality, parent involvement, school leadership and variety of programs offered.

Be respectful of others and their opinions

Differences in opinions should be expressed without insulting language.

Do not use offensive language

The review content and username must not be racist, sexist, ageist, obscene, sexually explicit, violent, threatening, abusive, hateful etc. Do not stalk, repeatedly contact or harass other users.

Do not post personal data

Examples of such personal data are full names, phone numbers, address, social security numbers and other private potentially identifying information, including any content from private email or messages.

Do not post content that contains harmful code

Examples are viruses, bots, Trojans and other malware.

Do not post advertisements

Do not post advertisements to other sites, or promote other products or services.

Do not spam

Please attempt to provide a quality review, and please do not review the same school more than once in a small timeframe.

Do not impersonate others or misrepresent yourself

Do not impersonate staff, teachers, other parents or students.